If you find yourself at a concert in the Bay Area and see a flash go off near the stage, chances are Ginger Fierstein is nearby. A graduate of the California College of the Arts and a seasoned photo lab technician, Fierstein is ecstatic to photograph the Bay Area's ever-growing music community. Yet not content to merely document artists and their performances, Fierstein's work constantly pushes our expectations; shot almost entirely on 120 film, her overlapping images collide in mesmerizing and provoking explosions of color and shape. While her signature style is immediately recognizable, Fierstein's work isn't limited to musicians, but stems from the varied and vibrant landscapes of the Bay Area as well. No matter the subject matter, however, Fierstein's nuanced portraits and images shine a light on the Bay Area in a style this is entirely her own.

(Thanks, Max Savage-Levenson!)